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Jeff founded Buckwheat's Gluten Free bakery in 2009, after he was diagnosed with celiac disease and learned that the gluten free breads and baked goods he was able to buy commercially didn't satisfy his need for a hearty bread that would hold together, taste good and provide real nutrition instead of empty calories.

Believing that there had to be a better way, he began experimenting at home with a variety of alternative flours, including rice, buckwheat, sorghum and garbanzo bean. Before long, he had a bread he (and his oldest son, also a celiac) loved and wanted to share with others who had gone gluten-free, whether by necessity or by choice.

Jeff moved his baking into a dedicated gluten free commercial kitchen in late 2009 and sold his first loaves of his signature sandwich and dark whole grain bread in early 2010. Since then, he's put his bread in several retail locations throughout southern NH and expanded his offerings to include an herbed baguette, a variety of muffins, hamburger rolls and pre-baked, ready-to-top pizza crusts.

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Committed to expanding his product line whenever possible, he's currently putting the finishing touches on some new breads. The taste-testers promise that you will love them!  Look for some new tasty offerings once the new location is up and running.

Buckwheat’s products are available direct from the bakery on Saturdays in our Bakery Outlet, and at local retailers listed on the Where to Buy page. Please feel free to call us with any questions, and if you'd like more frequent quick updates, you can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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